ARF130 Series

 130 Watt 


With the footprint of only 2”x3”, ARF130 series is one of ARCH’S top selling Convection Cooled AC/DC Switching Power Supply series, compact and enhanced with high power density. It delivers 125W at Natural Convection Air, accepts universal input 90-264Vac and operates in a wide temperature of -30°C to +80°C with complete protections.


ARF130 series is single output, features with low no power consumption, high efficiency up to 91%, active PFC, I/O Isolation of 4000VAC as well as EMI configured for both Class I and II. It’s all-around for a vast range of applications. Being certified to UL / IEC / EN 62368-1, it also competently saves the time for design-in and cost for end device’s safety compliance.


ARF130 series provides an output voltage line of 12V, 24V and 48V; package styles available in Open-Frame, U-Channel, or Enclosed versions.